Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Time to Sow

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, but we've been really busy lately. June started off cold and wet, but has now turned over sunny and warm. We had a couple of late frosts (one the morning after I'd planted out the cucumber seedlings!) which messed up my gardening plan somewhat, but I think that danger is past now. So I'm busy planting seed potatoes, with Molly's "help": I plant the potato, she digs it up and eats it. (:

We picked up a load of lumber for building projects, and Paul laid the gravel down for the base of the shower cabin.  We may find another use for this, but for now, that's the plan.  Watch this space!

We also had a load of firewood delivered, which is now stacked outside the back door where it will season in time for winter.

It's been a busy June so far!  I held my first Reiki class, which went very well, and we're getting enquiries for both sides of our business: the retreat/Reiki/meditation side and the survival school side.  Right now though, I'm trying to get the vegetable garden planted, and hoping for rain ... !

If May was yellow (with an occasional splash of red tulip), then June is shades of blue, purple and mauve. We've passed from the gentle haze of blue forget-me-knots and precocious indigo of johnny jumpups, to the exuberant lilac in full bloom, the deep purple lupins that line the roadside, and my favourite, the wild meadow columbine. Don't forget the blue starflower or borage, which is rampant all over the garden, and the secretive blushing ladyslipper hiding in the woods.

Before I wax too poetic, back to work! We've planted garlic, onions (red, white and yellow), spinach, swiss chard, sage, thyme and leeks in one bed. I'm trying companion planting, which basically means planting stuff which is friends with other stuff. So for example, garlic planted around the base of a peach tree will keep borers at bay.

Which reminds me! We went and picked up our fruit trees from the local nursery: 1 peach, 2 plum and a pear. We planted them, and they're doing great so far! And just today I noticed we have tiny little pear buds on our old pear tree, the one that lost a limb in a storm. So pear jelly come Fall ... :)

I'm nursing some seedlings in the potting room, much to the disgust of our cat, who lives in there. Tomatoes, peppers, sweet basil and thyme are all coming up well, plus I've planted another batch of cucumber seeds to replace those that were killed by the late frost. In the garden, I have pole beans coming up like crazy, and I just planted peas and carrots. Fingers crossed!

But enough talk from me! I know what you really want are pictures, so here are a few I took this week:

Columbine grows quite happily next to the tea rose.

Chives in bloom!

A crowd of buttercups, cheering on the sun.

Speckled trout, basking in the pond.

Misty blue forget-me-nots.

I walked out onto the deck and there was a garter snake!  Yikes!

And a tiny green frog was investigating the vegetable bed.  My fingers show the scale.

Irises are in bloom.  Love these.

In the woods, the Ladyslippers are a hidden treasure.

And of course, a post wouldn't be complete without Molly.  Here she is, taking a break under a shady tree.