Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Colours

Just a few images of Fall at Willow Retreat.

Molly swimming 2

A certain young lady taking a cool dip.


Abundant crop of apples this year. These are Northern Spy: perfect for making pies. :)

B Camp Fall

The way in to one of our campsites. Beautiful by day; mysterious and otherworldly by night.

Canned Produce

Just a few of the goodies we've put up in the root cellar. Jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys and even marmalade!

Canoe Pond Fall

The pond in shades of autumn.

creek september 6

No shortage of water this time of year!

creek september 13

Avalon Woods are full of hidden brooks and streams.

Fall Colours 3

Glorious highlands in full colour.

Fall Colours 5

The garden at peak colour.

Fall Colours 8

I love to see the hillsides ablaze with orange and red.

H Camp Fall

The way in to our second campsite, named for the fairy hawthorn that stands guard at the centre.

misty fall

The Mists of Avalon Woods ... here there be dragons.  

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